Our Urgent Care Centers have received a limited number of vaccinations. We will be giving vaccinations by appointment only.
To schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine please click the link below. After clicking the link and answering questions, you will see our clinic with available appointments and brands.
Click here for COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

COVID-19 Testing & General Care:

Uninsured Patients: All of our clinics have been approved, through the CARES ACT, to treat uninsured patients for COVID-19 related testing and treatment at no cost to patient!
COVID-19 Occupational Health Partner: As businesses start to re-open, or continue to run during the pandemic, many have started to put processes in place to keep their business and employees safe. COVID-19 testing (Nasal and Antibody), return to work clearance and on-going wellness checks are just some of things we are helping with. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care and most cost-effective services available.
Southern California Emergency Medicine Urgent Care Centers provide a quality, convenient option when you need prompt, minor emergency treatment. When it comes to addressing your medical needs, we have the expertise and experience that matters. Certified staff and physicians provide the highest level of medical care. Together with a team of Physicians Assistants, Nurses and X-ray technicians, the center provides top quality, convenient care from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week. Whether you are looking for urgent care or general medical services we can handle all your needs…[ Know more ]

No Appointment Needed

When you or a family member is sick or injured, you can’t wait days for an appointment with your primary care physician. You don’t want to wait for hours in an emergency room either. If that is the case, then Colton Urgent Care Center is the place for you!We do not require appointments for any visits. Walk-ins are always welcome! [ Know more ]

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a valuable part of this community. A place where patients are treated with respect from the moment they walk into our waiting room.
We strive to efficiently get through the patient check-in so you can get with a practitioner whose only intention is to provide compassionate, professional care…[ Know more ]

Common Questions

Southern California Emergency Medicine Urgent Care Centers are excited to serve our communities! Our staff of medical professionals specialize in top health technologies to offer you and your family the care you need, when YOU need it. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care and most cost-effective services available… [ Know more ]